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the obama legacy

"Do not go gentle into that good night,....  Rage, rage against the dying of the light" Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1951)
The following list of Wikipedia articles offers a concise view of the statist, elitist and Constitution-disregarding presidency of Barack Obama.
Department of the Treasury
Department of Defense Detention (or, Extraordinary Rendition) of US Citizens : 17:
Department of Justice…

equity, human capital and the financing of education

On a recent commute, I wondered about higher education and its high cost. My train of thought raised many questions -- many of which seem to have socially acceptable and/or politically correct answers, enjoying the sanction of our most sagely elites. As usual, this heightened my desire to find clear, cogent and reasonable positions to inform my opinion.
First off, here are my questions: Is society obliged to finance the educational interests and pursuits of its members? In other words, is every member of society "entitled" to an education? Is it a right -- fundamental or otherwise -- in any sense of that word? If yes, why? Also, if yes, then which fields of education ought to be funded and to what degree? In other words, should there be a correlation between public funding of education (in the form of loans, scholarships, etc.) and the value, to society, of the subjects of study?Should credit-worthiness (i.e. future earning potential) be taken into account for the awarding o…