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cryptoeconomic networks & equity crowdfunding?

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(some bookmarks with annotated excerpts)
""#programmablemoney...Fundamentally, the contract layer that has been guarded by expensive lawyers, necessitating significant amounts of money upfront to start things off is simply disappearing from the web. This is because we....can [now] program our own contracts without any need for lawyers. Sorry Sand Hill, but your days of supremacy are over.  The best and the brightest no longer see the need to hover around your offices in Silicon Valley. They have found a new home on the blockchain.""

Unorganized reading on cryptocurrencies and DAOs:…

the big four technologies that will lead to the next great advance

Ethereum. Bitcoin. Quantum Computing. Nuclear Fusion. General AI.

In my opinion, the largest impediments to our ability to bring order from disorder (i.e. reduce entropy, i,e, create wealth, i.e make progress, etc.), i.e. to the general advance and welfare of the human race, from a systematic and technological perspective, are :
asymmetries and monopolies in information and power (esp. violently enforceable and coercive power) and relative energy scarcity Given this, I believe that the development of and synergies between the following four technologies will be critical steps toward the next great expansionary age in human civilization: decentralized cryptoeconomic computing platforms, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, (deployed, possibly, hopefully, on a global ad-hoc network)quantum computingnuclear fusiongeneral artificial intelligence #nuclearfusion #quantumcomputing #generalai #cryptoeconomic #bitcoin #ethereum #adhocnetwork #futurism #singularity