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A note on think tanks

On libertarian law & legal systems (a series by Duncan Whitmore)

This post contains some scribbled notes and quotes from my reading of Duncan Whitmore's excellent series of articles on libertarian law & legal systems.

Part 1 -- Foundations
the question of liability
legal positivism vs. natural law
law is violently enforceable rule to protect one's life and property against aggression
Part 2 -- self-ownership & original appropriation
who are legal persons with rights & obligations? answer: demonstrated rational action implies self-ownership and, therefore, implies legal personhood
""What each person appears to be able to enjoy in contemporary legal systems is not self-ownership and the right to private property; instead, it is a concoction of artificial and invented rights and obligations that are bracketed under the term human rights. Human rights, however, are never termed in such a way as to confer their full, irrevocable benefit upon each individual human; rather they are a buffet-selection of open-ended and often co…

voting with your dollars

Two useful and interesting resources are available for those interested in expressing the political views through their patronage (or, lack thereof) of businesses based on their political leanings: This approach may excite folks on either side of the political aisle, esp., in an economy that is largely a consumer-driven one. Admittedly, some of the data may be outdated.

2ndVote is an app that lets consumers learn about the political values and leanings of companies.

In this article, we have an updated list of the companies that donate to Planned Parenthood.