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RIP. Play on. Nash. 2015.

John & Alicia Nash died today.  RIP John & Alicia Nash. 1928,1933- 2015. An anticlimactic, tragic and cruel end to a great, legendary and exemplary life. With imperfect information, against the most uncertain and cruelest of odds, esp. without the benefit of hindsight, surely he played this game of life almost perfectly, perhaps approximating some Bayesian-Nash equilibrium. Of course, his wife Alicia, over decades, has been his partner in the nucelolus of their great cooperative core. One can only hope that death is not a terminal state and that he has now entered a blissful state of maximal utility that eclipses the irrationality of this mortal life. May your gentle spirit, which stubbornly refused to play by chance and nature's rules for so long, play on evermore. Game over for us. Game on for Nash. I had the honor of meeting him a few years ago in Sao Paulo.  #gametheory #johnnash (first self-published here :…