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the World Cup draw -- an alternative proposal

The FIFA World Cup seeding and draw system has consistently produced groups of death and groups comprised mainly of teams that fail to invoke passion or imagination from fans around the world, except perhaps for such teams' own fans. The latest edition is no exception -- and may even be the worst ever on this measure. An outline of the draw system can be seen here. We have one group which contains Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras and another consisting of Russia, Algeria and South Korea!! And, on top of this, we have at least three, if not four or more, groups of death. Depending on one's perspective, esp. given the recent rise of African powerhouses, all of the rest of the groups may even be considered Groups of Death!! This is a disservice to football fans around the world, not to mention the skilled and enterprising teams that worked hard to get here.

To address this, I propose a simplified draw system :
  1. Randomize Pot 1 and assign to Groups
  2. Assign remaining Pots to Groups such that total group rank score is equitable (i.e. assign lowest ranked team from a Pot to the Group with the highest current combined rank, and so on.); break ties by assigning in order of Group number

The results of applying this method to the 2014 draw results in the following groups:

Ivory Coast
United States
Costa Rica
South Korea
Bosnia & Herzegovina

The results seem to be much more pleasing, producing only one group of death, and promising a clash of a variety of styles in all the other groups.

The following image illustrates this methodology.

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